General information

Job Title
CAS Designer
Ref #
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
United Kingdom
Business area
Product Development
Position level
H - Qualified
Working time
Full Time
Contract type
Working pattern
8:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Description & Requirements


No restraints. No limitations. We don’t simply push boundaries. We completely rethink them. McLaren Automotive exists to create breath-taking performance road cars.

With innovation at the core of all we do, every challenge starts with the same question. How can we do it better? This restless spirit runs right through McLaren Automotive. And the search for perfection is evident in everything we do.

Purpose of Role

  • Support the Design Team to “create breath-taking products that tell the visual story of their function”.
  • To assist the creative process by interpreting 2D sketches into 3D data for design iteration and approval.


Principal Accountabilities

Surface Creation

  • Create SR0 initial theme surfaces to support feasibility studies to 'sketch' tolerances
  • Create Pre-SR1 surfaces of selected themes for proportions approval to 'sketch' tolerances
  • Create SR1 surfaces of selected theme for engineering feasibility to 'sketch' tolerances as a jelly mould.
  • Create SR2 surfaces for aero mule and first CAD models to 'concept' tolerances with curves-on-surface
  • Create SR3 surfaces for Design Director approval to 'pre-production' tolerances
  • Create SR4 surfaces for clay validation to 'pre-production' tolerances incl. all feasibility
  • Create SRF surfaces releases for production releases to 'production intent' tolerances
  •  Surfaces to be generated according to McLaren digital surfacing guidelines, standards and release procedures.
  • These standards can be found in: http://malweb/DesignDept/Styling/Design%20Standards/
  • Surfaces to be checked prior to release for position, tangency, facing (SR1 - SRF)
  • Check CAS Surfaces for minimum radii (SR1 - SRF)
  • Check CAS surfaces before release for curvature, deviation from engineering/scan (SR1 - SRF)
  • Add assumed tool direction to surface (SR3 - SRF)
  • Check Surfaces for centreline tangency when centreline is not at y0


Knowledge, Skills and Experience
  • To create and release production-feasible, aesthetically-optimised surfaces that maintain design intent and are to a high quality of surface execution. Surfaces meet engineering hardpoints, are to specified McLaren standards and attributes and released in time to support component production schedules.
  • To Create surface geometry using subD, Bezier and Nurbs modelling skills which fulfil McLaren modelling standards.
Personal Attributes

  • Challenge Mind-set: “Keep a calm head, see the situation as a challenge not a threat.”
  • Act with Integrity: “Put the team first & represent those who have gone before and all those who will follow.”
  • High Performance Environment: “Find incremental ways to continually improve.”
  • No Egos: “Sweep the sheds and give each other the benefit of the doubt.”